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DOBA OFFICIAL was officially started on February 15th, 2017.


DOBA means “TIME”. This word was taken from the Czech Republic, Central Europe.


We believe that TIME determines everything. We cannot turnback our TIME but we will continue and move forward for another journey. DOBA OFFICIAL will always try to provide the best services and products every day. And we believe TIME will bring loyal customers to DOBA OFFICIAL.


DOBA OFFICIAL provides simple beauty treatment, cosmetics and health care products that can be used by all of our customers and it can be used for women and men. All of our products focus on healthy hair, skin care, body treatment and supplements.


Some of our products can be used for babies (minimum 6 months old) and adults. For beauty products, all of the ingredients are safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers and customers with sensitive skin. We have examined the ingredients before we sell them publicly. We also avoid those harmful ingredients in our products.For supplements, some of the products are safe for babies (minimum 6 months old), pregnant women, and nursing mothers.




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